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In service since 1996

airplus was established in 1996 at Friedrichshafen International Airport (EDNY) and has since developed into one of the largest European aircraft maintenance facilities for piston, turboprop and jet aircraft.

Our Most Valuable Asset – Your Trust

Our value proposal

airplus has set itself the task of providing the technical basis for private European aviation to become the natural means of transport of the 21st century.

As EASA and FAA certified “one-stop shop” for up to 20t, airplus offers all types of work on the airframe, engines, interior and all avionics from a single source. This includes all the necessary testing, approvals and CAMO. In addition, not only is airplus the official dealer for Garmin, Rockwell Collins and Cessna spare parts, but also the authorised service centre for Cessna, Beechcraft, Diamond, Austro Engine, Eclipse & Twin Commander – and centre of competence for Embraer Phenom and Cessna Citation.

To further extend our services to customers, we developed our own airplus products, which you will not find in any manufacturer’s catalogue. This way we are able to offer pilots, passengers and aircraft owners even more comfort, safety and technical finesse. These special and individual solutions make our airplus portfolio totally unique.

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airplus founded with headquarters at Friedrichshafen International Airport (EDNY) 

JAA 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval DE.145.0307 achieved

Production Organisation Approval DE.21G.0137 achieved. 
airplus was certified and started production of the Moving Terrain MT-Ultra Professional Navigation Display in accordance with the JTSO standard. 
airplus accepted by Cessna as Service Centre and CSTAR Dealer.

airplus conducted several minor and major Avionic Changes on behalf of the relevant authorities.
First consideration of Design Organisation Approval.

Application for JAA Design Organisation Approval by the LBA. 

Design Organisation Processes introduced.
First Changes conducted in collaboration with the LBA to demonstrate compliance.

Reorganisation of the company with a focus on business customers.
Advancement of the hangar, the workshops, the equipment…

EASA Part 21 Design Organisation Approval achieved.
airplus accepted as Honeywell Service Station for the TPE331 Turboprop engine.
Lybia Maintenance Approval issued to airplus.

Maintenance branch in Schacksdorf (EDUS) founded.

airplus appointed CAMO and CAMO plus.
Bermuda authorities issued the Approval Certificate for Continuous Airworthiness Management to airplus.
Appointment as Twin Commander Service Centre.

National Design Organisation Approval by the LBA for Annex II Aircraft issued.
UAE Design Organisation Approval issued.

Application for Alternative Procedures to the Design Organisation Approval started.
Design of the 8.33kHz VHF Communication Transceiver KRT-2 started.
Design organisation moved to a new location in Tettnang.
Helicopters added to the capability list.
Cessna 172/182 series STC Garmin G500/600 Avionics System and STC Garmin G 500/600 SVT functionalities.

APtoDOH EASA findings of compliance AP319 issued.
Beech KingAir STC Garmin G600 Avionics System (single or dual).

Issue of ETSO certification of the KRT-2.
Successful audits and approval of subcontractors.
Achievement of Eclipse Gold Service Centre.

Certification of the Cessna 208/208B parachute kit.
KTX-2 Mode S transponder certification.

Embraer Phenom 100/300 in CAMO plus.
Service Centre Diamond Aircraft.
Twin Commander STC Garmin G600 avionics system.

airplus becomes part of the european service group

...and there is more to come!

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Professional Staff

The airplus team is exclusively made up of highly motivated and superbly trained technical specialists. To elevate our level of expertise even further, during 2017 we established our own training centre.

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Certificated Standards

airplus has all the important certificates that are necessary for lawfully moving an aircraft under the spheres of influence of EASA and FAA. Testing and approvals are therefore carried out directly at our facilities.

Strong partnerships

airplus is regarded as such a reliable and competent partner by well-known brands in the aviation industry the companies like to work in close cooperation with us. We take this as a compliment and recognition of our work.

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