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No guts, no glory

To some of the wishes and tasks that come up many would say “That’s impossible!” but at airplus we say: nothing is impossible… and we start working on it. With this intrepid approach we have made many impossible things possible in recent years. We developed and produced an ingenious SkyDive Kit for the Cessna 208 series and structural components to turn an aircraft into a flying laboratory for topographic surveys. We constructed 32 secure “seating places” for hunting falcons in a BBJ, as well as a luxurious spa complex high above the clouds.

The products we have developed ourselves so far include underfloor heating, distinctive entry stairs made from premium materials and specially adapted cockpits with exclusive technical features. And we are continually working on more. The resounding success of our products shows us that there is great demand for even more individuality.

History has landed

The return home of a principle player in a German drama. The “Landshut”, a Lufthansa Boeing 737-200, was the ill-fated venue of a politically motivated hijacking in October 1977 that ended in bloodshed on the runway in Mogadishu (Somalia). airplus attended to its arrival home. It will now be expertly restored as an exhibit at the Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen. airplus is proud to have taken part in this special mission.

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First class for falcons

When a Sheik goes on a journey, he takes his falcon along. And never in the hold. airplus has equipped an aircraft so that a falcon can be safely and appropriately transported inside the passenger cabin. This is one VIP solution we are particularly fond of.

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