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For general, executive or business aviation – at airplus every aircraft is welcome.

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Every aircraft deserves special attention. And it does not matter whether it is a small plane with piston engines, a turboprop or a jet aircraft… airplus belongs to associations with 50 years of experience in general and business aviation. Our experts are ready to take on any challenge. Our capabilities and over 2,000 EASA approvals speaks for itself.

Our focus with the Cessna product range is especially on types TTx, Caravan and Citation
For the TTx we specialise in composite airframes incl. repairs and the exceptional Garmin G2000 system. In the case of Caravan we take care of the largest fleet of Springer aircraft in Germany with an extensive spare parts warehouse for 24/7 service. We upgrade these with our own SkyDive Kit and with powerful TPE331 engines. For the Citation series we offer extremely attractive conditions, thanks to many years of expertise operating at the highest quality levels

When it comes to Diamond models with a variety of diesel engines and the G1000 System
Whether Thielert or Austro, we are well versed in highly efficient diesel engines and modern composite airframes.

In the case of very light jets by Embraer and One Aviation
For years airplus has taken care of diverse fleets of Embraer Phenom 100/300. By serving airfreight operators and AOC, airplus has acquired profound experience and skills in the time-critical handling of the maintenance, servicing and upgrades of these jets. For One Aviation airplus is the most important service partner in Europe. airplus has taken care of these special jets from the start

And last, but not least, the Daher TBM family
These high-performance turboprops are perfectly suited to airplus. Powerful turbine, Garmin G3000, highest design and workmanship. Certainly one of the best aircraft for private pilots.

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