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Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of our minds at airplus. That is why we work in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of aircraft, components and avionics act as a service centre or centre of excellence. This enables us to keep abreast of all their latest developments and discoveries, with direct access to the know-how of the manufacturer as well as direct contact to the relevant technical experts when problems arise and to update the skills of our technicians in their regular training programmes.

Our service centre is even able to perform warranty repairs efficiently and perform an AD. In addition, certain kinds of upgrade may only be lawfully carried out at service centres.

airplus is in an association of service centres for aircraft manufacturers Cessna Piston & Turboprop, Beechcraft Piston, Diamond, Piper and One Aviation. Moreover, for components manufacturers CAV, iceshield, StandardAero, Centurion and AustroEngine.

airplus is in an association of centres of excellence for Cessna Citation, Embraer Phenom 100/300, Daher TBM, Beechcraft KingAir, Mooney and Cirrus.

airplus is in an association of authorised resellers for Garmin, Rockwell Collins, Genesys, BendixKing, L3, Avidyne, Becker, Aspen, Trig and Robotic Skies.

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