Caravan Skydive Kit

The must have for Caravan skydive operators

The must have for Caravan skydive operators

The skydive kit is a neat retrofit for the Cessna Caravan

# jumpers
20 max.
Door width
4 ft
Seat belts

Large door for easy load & unload
Roller blind style opening for troublefree handling
Solid hand & foot rails for safe operation

Sleek & solid benches for up to 20 jumpers
Divider bars for weight & balance protection
Fast lock belts for hassle free operation

Cabin divider for pilot protection
Cockpit divider for instrument protection
Fast lock bench for quick conversion

Cockpit interface for annunciator Control
LED annunciators for high visibility
Standardized placards for clear communication

Caravan Skydive Kit

Starting from

€48,600 (tax excl.)
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