Beechcraft 100 Series

General information about the King Air 100

The King Air, as the Beechcraft 100 Series is also called, comes from the manufacturer Beech Aircraft Corporation or Hawker Beechcraft. It was designed in the United States and is a twin-engine business jet. There are several models of the King Air. Among others the King Air 90, the King Air 200 or the King Air 350 series. The first model, the C90, had its maiden flight on 15 May 1963 and the following year the market entry. On May 23, 1969, the King Air 100 was presented. This was in contrast to their predecessor models much more powerful. Despite this, further improvements were made to the model, resulting in more, more efficient models. These were the variants: A90, B90, C90 and A100. The King Air A100 was the only machine in the series with its engines. This series had namely installed Garrett engines instead of Pratt & Whitney engines. In the following production further models were designed. The production of the King Air 100 ended in 1984.

Technical information about the King Air 100

The King Air 100 offers space for one to two people in the cockpit. It can carry between eight and 13 passengers by machine. The aircraft is 12.17 meters long and 4.70 meters high. The span is 14.00 meters and the wing area is 26.0 square meters. Empty, the King Air 100 weighs 3,083 kilograms and the maximum takeoff mass is 5,216 kilograms. At 7,574 meters, the maximal service ceiling of the machine. The King Air 100 has a speed of 459 kilometers per hour and a range of 2,484 kilometers. The aircraft is powered by two turboprop engines, each with a capacity of 507 kilowatts.

Products and services for the King Air 100

Products are important for creating the machine you really want. Understandable that you also want to have a top satisfaction and 100 percent performance in the services. With us you get the complete range of services from a single source. Our experienced experts are happy to take care of your machine and perform maintenance or servicing. We also offer the Champagne Fridge for the King Air. With this refrigerator you get your sparkling wine always perfectly tempered. We also like to incorporate the VIP upgrade into the interior. For the King Air Exterior we offer the BLR Winglets, BLR Fuel Locker and the Raisbeck. For the Power Plant we have the Blackhawk conversion. We are happy to supplement the avionics with the Garmin G1000 NXi or the Garmin G600 TXi dual. We also offer the radio with the 8.33 kHz upgrade. We also provide the ADSB upgrade and the cockpit upgrade. Of course we also respond to your individual wishes. Talk to and for this.

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