Beechcraft 23 Series

General information about the Beechcraft 23 Series - Musketeer

The Beechcraft Musketeer is a single-engined low-wing aircraft from the United States. The machine was manufactured by the American company Beech Aircraft. The first model of the series is the Beechcraft A23 Musketeer. This had its first flight on 23 October 1963 and was a model for a number of the following machines. The aircraft series have a rigid chassis and a fixed propeller. In the period from 1963 to 1993, about 4,000 pieces of the Musketeer, Sierra and Sundowner were built. In 1966 came the successor model, the model 19 Musketeer Sport on the aircraft market. This had on the one hand weaker engines and on the other hand fewer windows. From this series were built even more versions, the A19, B19 and M19 Sports. In 1968 followed the B23 Musketeer Custom, which has a stronger engine. Two years later, the C23 Musketeer Custom, the C23 Sundowner and the 24 Sierra followed.

Technical information about the Musketeer

This information applies to the Beechcraft A23 Musketeer, Custom and Sundowner. The machine has space for one pilot in the cockpit and can carry between two and three passengers. The Musketeer is 7.85 meters long and 2.51 meters high. The span is 10.00 meters and the wing area is 13.6 square meters. The maximum cruising speed is 243 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed is 274 kilometers per hour. The aircraft has a maximal service ceiling of 4,526 meters, and a climb of 268 meters per minute. The Musketeer has a maximum range of 1,191 kilometers. The empty weight is 624 kilograms and the maximum take-off mass is 1,066 kilograms. The machine is powered by a piston engine, with a power of 123 kilowatts.

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