Beechcraft 90 Series

General information about King Air

The King Air belongs to a family of several aircraft models. It is a twin-engine business and multi-purpose aircraft. The King Air is equipped with a landing gear and has a pressurized cabin and propeller turbines. The machine was manufactured by the American company Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. In May 1964, the C90 King Air got market entry from the FAA. Subsequently, on September 9, 1964, the King Air 90 was given in series production. As early as the end of 1968, more than 400 aircraft of this type were produced or delivered. In autumn 1966, the US Army ordered 48 pieces of King Air. It was followed by other major orders. The King Air has continued to improve and new models have been launched. The King Air 90 also has models like the A90, B90 and C90. Since 2010, the current model is the C90GTx. This has a higher, maximum take-off mass and an increase in the train load.

Technical information about the King Air

The technical information refers to the current model, the King Air C90GTx. The machine has space for up to eight passengers and one or two crew members. It is 10.82 meters long and 4.34 meters high. The span is 16.36 meters with a wing area of 26.0 square meters. The cabin is 3.84 meters long, 1.37 meters wide and 1.45 meters high. The empty weight of the machine is 3,282 kilograms and the maximum payload is 972 kilograms. The King Air has a maximum takeoff weight of 4,756 kilograms and a cruising speed of 504 kilometers per hour. 2,426 kilometers is the maximum range of the aircraft and the maximal service ceiling is 9,144 meters.

Products and services for the King Air

The products and services not only refer to the King Air 90 series, but also to the entire King Air series. In the interior of the machine, we like to build the VIP upgrade. In addition, you will always be able to offer perfectly chilled sparkling wine on a flight. With the champagne Fridge, you can make your King Air not only more comfortable, but also more luxurious. For the exterior of the machine we offer the BLR winglets and a Raisbeck. We are also building the BLR Fuel Locker and a Blackhawk conversion. For avionics we offer the Garmin G1000 NXi or the Garmin G600 TXi dual. We are happy to integrate the 8.33 kHz upgrade and the ADSB upgrade in your aircraft. With the cockpit upgrade you are also always up to date. Of course, we also carry out maintenance work on your machine.

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