Beechcraft Baron Series

General information about the Baron

The Beechcraft 55 and the Beechcraft 58 are commonly referred to as the Baron. These are twin-engined private and business aircraft of the American manufacturer Hawker Beechcraft. The market entry was made in 1961, after the first flight on 29.02.1960 was successfully completed. The predecessor of the Baron is the Bonanza. There are two variants of the Baron. First, the Baron 55, which has a short fuselage. On the other hand, the Baron 58, which benefits from a long hull. Currently, only the Baron 58 is built. Here is the latest version, the Baron G58, a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit. At Lufthansa, the baron is used for the training of pilots. In military terms, this model is used by the United States and Turkey.

Specifications of the Baron

The baron can carry one pilot and a maximum of five passengers. The machine is powered by two piston engines of the Continental TSIO-520-WB, each with a power of 242 kilowatts. The range of the machine is 2,276 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is 7,260 meters. The aircraft can reach a speed of 483 kilometers per hour. The baron has a empty weight of 1,822 kilograms and a maximum takeoff weight of 2,812 kilograms. The length touches at 9.09 meters and the height is 2.79 meters. The Baron 55 is 8.53 meters long. The machine has a wingspan of 11.53 meters, as well as a wing area of 18.5 square meters.

Products and Services for the Baron

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