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Beechcraft King Air - General Information

The King Air, as the 200 series is also called, is a machine from the Beechcraft family. The twin-engined turboprop aircraft is equipped with a pressurized cabin. The machine can accommodate up to 17 people, but this varies from normally seven to eleven people. The crew can consist of one to two persons. The King Air comes originally from the United States and was manufactured by the company "Beech Aircraft Corporation". The first flight had the Beechcraft on May 15, 1963, after which the market entry in 1964 followed. The King Air has been in mass production since 1964 with more than 7,000 pieces.

The technical data are as follows:

    Length: 13.36 meters
    Span: 16.61 meters
    Height: 4.52 meters
    Cabin length: 5.08 meters
    Cabin width: 1.37 meters
    Cab height: 1.45 meters

The empty weight of the King Air is 3,983 kilograms, the maximum payload is 1,007 kilograms. The maximum takeoff weight amounts to 5,670 kilograms. The Beechcraft 200 Series has a cruising speed of 570 kilometers per hour and a maximum range of 2,954 kilometers. The maximal service ceiling is 10,668 meters.

History of the King Air 200 Series

On October 27, 1972, the version "King Air", the Beechcraft 200 Series, was introduced. This series differs significantly from its previous models, as it is on the one hand more powerful and larger. The King Air is the basis for many military versions, which have the basic name C-12 ("Huron"). These were shaped by different US forces.

Products and services for the King Air

For the King Air Series we offer a variety of services and products. On the one hand, in the interior, or Interior, adding a champagne fridge is possible. For the exterior we offer BLR winglets and a Raisbeck. Furthermore, the BLR Fuel Locker is installed by us in your King Air.

For the Power Plant equipment we offer the upgrade of the Blackhawk conversion. But avionics can be further supported with our products. The Garmin G1000 NXI, the successor of the G1000, is available from us and is gladly implanted in your King Air. Furthermore, the Garmin G600 TXI dual is also one of the products for your machine. Of course, the cockpit upgrade is also one of our elements for the Beechcraft 200 Series. In addition, we also offer the radio with the 8.33 kHz upgrade. The Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Air Traffic Control System is one of our other services for your King Air 200 Series.

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