Cessna 175 Skylark

General information about the Skylark

 The Cessna 175 is a single-engine high-decker aircraft of the same name US company Cessna. In common usage, the machine is also referred to as Skylark. It had its maiden flight in 1958 and was approved by the FAA in the same year. In the period from 1958 to 1962 a total of 2,106 pieces of the model were built. The Skylark was developed to fill the gap between the Cessna 172 and the Cessna 182. The plane is completely made of metal and has an aluminum alloy. The machine has a tricycle arrangement and a steerable nose wheel. The biggest difference to the Cessna 172 is the engine. The Skylark has a built-in Continental GO-300-A engine. Normally, single engine machines are powered by a direct motor. However, the GO-300 motor drives the propeller through a reduction gearbox. The Skylark range includes several versions. Starting at the 175 Skylark. This is powered by the GO-300 engine and has a higher total weight than its predecessor. It was certified on 14 January 1958. The 175A was introduced on 28 August 1959 and has a little higher weight and can also be used as a seaplane. The Cessna 175C and the Cessna 175C had only minor changes. The P172D Powermatic Skylark has a cruising speed of eleven miles per hour, making it faster than the standard version. Otherwise there were no changes. The company decided to change the name as the reputation of the Skylark had been damaged because of the lack of reliability of the engines.

Technical data about the Skylark

Skylark accommodates one pilot and up to three passengers. It is 8.08 meters long and 2.72 meters high. The machine has a span of 10.97 meters and a wing area of 16.1 square meters. The empty weight is 629 kilograms and the maximum takeoff weight affects 1066 kilograms. The Skylark has a cruising speed of 226 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed is 283 kilometers per hour. The tank has a range of 926 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is at 5,425 meters. The Skylark has a climb rate of 259 meters per minute.

Products and services for Skylark

For the Cessna 175 Skylark we offer a range of products and services. Our experts are themselves pilots and are familiar with every problem. We are happy to wait for your machine completely. Of course, we also respond to special requests, just contact us. We make every effort to ensure that EASA or FAA's laws and regulations are adhered to in the case of repairs, modifications or alterations to your machine. We also do the cockpit upgrade for the Skylark or integrate the new frequency range, the 8.33 kHz upgrade. We also carry out the Paint job, which gives your aircraft a new look and protects it from corrosion. Furthermore, we offer the TKS Anti Ice Panels for your Skylark.

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