Cessna 190 / 195 Serie

General information about Cessna 190/195

The Cessna 190 and the Cessna 195 are single-engine light aircraft of the US company Cessna. The machines are powered by a radial engine and were manufactured between 1947 and 1954. The first flight took place in 1945. A total of 1,180 machines were built in the production period. The Cessna 195 is also referred to as Buisnessliner. The Cessna 190 and the Cessna 195 are the only models of Cessna, which were equipped in the post-war period with a radial engine. In addition, the model is the first to be built entirely of aluminum and has cantilevered wings. The comparatively large hull can be explained with the big star engine. In addition, the 195 is equipped with a retractable tread, which extends when the car door is opened. The 190 and the 195 have a leaf spring suspension. The biggest difference between the two models is the built-in engines. The Model 190 has Continental W670-23 engines with 180 kilowatts of power. The 195 has engines of Jacobs R755-A2 with 225 kilowatts of power. The United States also uses these models militarily. These are the United States Army, United States Air Force and the National Air Guard.

Technical data for the Cessna 190/195

In the Cessna 190 and the Cessna 195 up to four passengers can be carried by one pilot. The machine has a length of 8.33 meters and a height of 2.37 meters. The span is 11.02 meters and the empty weight of the machine is 930 kilograms. The payload is 589 kilograms and the maximum takeoff weight is 1,519 kilograms. The top speed is 291 kilometers per hour, with the cruising speed at 265 kilometers per hour. The tank has a range of 1,110 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is at 5,582 meters.

Products and services for the Cessna 190/195

For the Cessna 190 and the Cessna 195 we offer a variety of services. We are happy to perform maintenance or servicing. We also take care of repairs or test flights. Of course we can understand the desire for individualization very well. Therefore, of course, we also respond to special requests. Just contact us. For all checks, repairs, or other work on your Cessna 190 or 195, we make sure that all laws and regulations of EASA are complied with.

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