Cessna 207 Serie

General information about the Cessna 207

The Cessna 207 is a light aircraft of the manufacturer Cessna. The machine was designed and tested in the USA. It is the largest single engine aircraft with a piston engine built by Cessna. The first flight took place on May 11, 1968, after which the market entry followed in 1969. In the same year, the company began series production, which ended in 1985. During this time, 788 pieces of the Cessna 207 were produced. The machine was designed from the predecessor model, the Cessna 206. Compared to the predecessor, the hull of the 207 series is about 114 centimeters longer. In the front fuselage another luggage compartment was accommodated. The aircraft is considered a single-engine Ganzmetallschulterdecker with double-winged large cargo doors. To make photo flights, or drop parachutists, can also be flown without the cargo door. The tricycle landing gear has a mechanically steerable nose wheel, as well as a hydraulic brake system with electrically driven flaps. Mainly the Cessna 207 is used in skydiving and for sightseeing flights. In addition, she is often used for short-haul flights or air taxi.

Technical data for the Cessna 207

The Cessna 207 series is 9.80 meters long, 2.92 meters high and has a span of 10.92 meters. It fits a crew person and six passengers in the machine. In the progression, the Stationair, eight passenger seats are available. The wing area covers 16.17 square meters, with a wing extension of 7.46 meters. The empty weight of the light aircraft is 955 kilograms and the maximum takeoff weight is 1,724 kilograms. The Cessna 207 has a top speed of 337 kilometers per hour and a maximum range of 1,279 kilometers. The maximal service ceiling is 6,096 meters.

Services for the Cessna 207

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