Cessna 425 Corsair / Conquest I

General information about the Corsair / Conquest I

The Cessna 425 is a twin-engine turboprob aircraft of the US manufacturer Cessna. It is considered a light aircraft and had its maiden flight in 1980. In the same year followed by the market entry of the machine by the FAA. In the period between 1980 and 1987, 236 pieces of the model were produced. The Corsair or Conquest I is the evolution of the Cessna 421. It is equipped with a turboprop drive. The first 132 pieces of the Cessna 425 were called Corsair. From 1982, the current name, Conquest I, was introduced. Because this has a newly designed suspension and a higher, maximum takeoff weight. The successor model is the Cessna 441, which is also known as Conquest II.

Technical data for the Conquest I

The machine has a length of 10.93 meters and a height of 3.84 meters. The span is 13.45 meters with a wing area of 20.9 square meters. The Conquest I can accommodate one to two crew and up to seven passengers. The empty weight is 2,244.4 kilograms and the maximum takeoff weight is 3,719.5 kilograms. The Conquest I has a cruising speed of 463 kilometers per hour and a maximum speed of 498 kilometers per hour. The range touches at 2,480 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is 9,140 meters. The engines are Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-112 and each have an output of 373 kilowatts.

Products and services for the Corsair / Conquest I

Products and services are essential for an aircraft. Of course, we offer you our entire service range from a single source. For the Conquest I and the Corsair, we offer the RAM upgrade, as well as the Leica Camera System. This will make your flights unforgettable. The high-resolution camera shoots images during the flight, making them a reminder forever. Both the continuous maintenance and individual modifications of your machine are also in the best hands with us.

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