Cessna 525 / 525A Citation Jet

General information about the Citation Jet

The Cessna Citation Jet is a twin-engine business jet from the American manufacturer Cessna. He belongs to the family of Citation. The first flight had the machine on April 29, 1991. On March 30, 1993, the FAA was approved. In the period from 1993 to 1998, more than 300 pieces of the Citation Jet were built. In addition, the jet is the basis for the modern variants of the model, Citation CJ1 +, CJ2 +, CJ3 and CJ4. The machine was built as a replacement for the Citation and the Citation I. Unlike the predecessor models, the jet has a supercritical wing with laminar profile, a T-tail and an EFIS cockpit. The Cessna CJ1 is commonly referred to as Cessna 525. This was introduced in 1998 and benefits from better electronics and effectiveness. The Cessna CJ2 (Cessna 525A) was delivered for the first time in the year 2000 and differs from the other machines especially in the length. In addition, this has a six-seater, and no longer a five-seater, cabin. The 525B followed two years later and in 2008 the 525C was unveiled. The Cessna Citation family is next to the Learjet the most successful aircraft in its class.

Technical information about the Citation Jet

The Cessna 525 is 12.98 meters long and 4.19 meters high. It has a wingspan of 14.30 meters and a wing area of 22.30 square meters. The cabin is 3.35 meters long, 1.45 meters high and 1.47 meters wide. The luggage compartment volume is 1.3 cubic meters. The machine has room for two crew and up to seven passengers. It needs a take-off of 991 meters and a runway of 789 meters. The empty weight is 3,810 kilograms and the maximum straw mass is 4,853 kilograms. The maximal service ceiling is affected by 12,497 meters and the maximum range is 2,408 kilometers. The jet has a maximum cruising speed of 720 kilometers per hour. The Cessna 525A has a length of 14.53 meters and a height of 4.27 meters. The span is 15.19 meters with a wing area of 24.5 square meters. The cabin is 4.14 meters long, 1.45 meters high and 1.47 meters wide. The luggage compartment has a volume of 1.8 cubic meters. The machine is designed for two crew and up to eight passengers. The Cessna 525A needs a landing distance of 908 meters and a take-off distance of 1,024 meters. It has a deadweight of 4,400 kilograms and a maximum payload of 794 kilograms. The maximum cruising speed is 774 kilometers per hour and the maximum range is around 2,987 kilometers. The maximum service level for the Cessna 525A is 13,716 meters. Both jets can also be flown by just one pilot.

Products and services for the Citation Jet

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