Cessna 560 XLS/Citation XLS/Citation XLS+

General information about the Citation XLS

The Cessna Citation Excel is a business jet of the eponymous US company. The model belongs to the family of Citation. The Cessna Citation XLS and the XLS + are further developments of the original model, the Citation Excel. The Citation XLS was introduced in October 1994 by Cessna. The first flight had the machine on February 29, 1996, followed in mid-1998, the market entry. From 1998 to 2004 were produced by the Citation Excel 575 pieces. Since 2004 the Citation XLS is manufactured. From August 2000, a new aircraft was built every three days, leaving the production halls. The latest model is the Citation XLS +. This received the approval of the FAA on May 30, 2008. In Europe followed the approval in 2009. This model has a modified interior and a more modern avionics.

Technical data for Citation XLS and Citation XLS +

The following information refers to the current version, the Citation XLS +. The machine has a length of 16.0 meters and a height of 5.23 meters. The span is 17.17 meters. The cabin has a length of 5.64 meters, a height of 1.73 meters and a width of 1.68 meters. The luggage compartment volume covers 2.5 square meters. The machine can accommodate up to nine passengers. The crew can consist of two persons (pilot and co-pilot). The runway extends to 969 meters and the take-off course is 1,085 meters. The Citation XLS + has a empty weight of 6,849 kilograms and a maximum payload of 1,043 kilograms. The maximum takeoff weight is 9,163 kilograms. The maximum cruising speed is 817 kilometers per hour and the maximum range is 3,441 kilometers. The maximal service ceiling is 13,716 meters.

Products and services for the Citation XLS and the Citation XLS +

Products and services are essential if you want to have a machine that meets your expectations perfectly. That's why we offer a Cavity Oven in the interior for the Cessna Citation. This one has excellent performance and durability. We are also happy to perform services on your machine. Our experts reliably take care of the maintenance of your aircraft. You are getting everything out of one hand with us.

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