Cessna T303

General information about the Cessna T303

The Cessna T303 Crusader is a twin-engined cruiser from the American manufacturer of the same name. Mainly this model is used as a business jet. The first flight had the machine on February 14, 1976. Until 1986, 297 pieces of the Cessna T303 were built. The aircraft is equipped with two boxer engines. Unlike its predecessor, the T303 has more seats and more powerful engines. It also has a low-wing aluminum construction with a retractable nosewheel suspension. The hull is not equipped with a pressurized cabin. Luggage spaces can be found in the nose and in the back of the cabin. Also militarily, the Cessna T303 is used. Guatemala and Haiti have some models in their military deployment.

Technical data for the Cessna T303

The Cessna T303 has space for one crew member and up to five passengers. The machine is 9.27 meters long and 4.06 meters high. The span is 11.90 meters and the wing area is 17.58 square meters. The aircraft has a empty weight of 1,499 kilograms and a maximum take-off mass of 2,346 kilograms. The cruising speed is 363 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed at an altitude of 5,485 meters is at 400 kilometers per hour. The machine has a maximal service ceiling of 7,620 meters and a range of 1,891 kilometers.

Products and services for the Cessna T303

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