Fuji FA-200 Series

General information about the Fuji FA-200 series

The Fuji FA-200 is the world's first all-Japanese-made production aircraft. It is considered a light aircraft and was manufactured by the Japanese company Fuji Heavy Industries. On 12 August 1965, the first flight was completed. From 1965 to 1986 the production time of the machine amounts to. In this period 299 copies were produced. The machine was mainly intended for export. The version was the basis for the following types of aircraft, such as an agricultural aircraft and a training aircraft. However, only the cruiser reached the serial production. The Fuji FA-200 is a low wing with a rigid landing gear, as well as aerobatic fitness. Especially with the model is that it can be flown with an open cockpit. Variants are also the Fuji FA-200-160, which is the initial version with a piston engine. Furthermore, the Fuji FA-200-180, which has built a more powerful engine. The FA-200-180AO is a version with a carburetor engine.

Technical data for the Fuji FA-200 series

The crew may only consist of one pilot. For this purpose, up to three passengers can be carried. The model is 8.17 meters long, 2.59 meters high and has a wingspan of 9.42 meters. The wing area covers 14 square meters. In addition, the empty weight of Fuji FA-200 650 pounds, with the maximum take-off mass increased to 1,150 kilograms. The cruising speed is 185 kilometers per hour and the top speed is 237 kilometers per hour. The tank has a range of 1,400 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling touches at 5,790 meters. The Fuji FA-200 is powered by an Avco Lycoming IO-360 134-kilowatt piston engine.

Products and services for the Fuji FA-200 series

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