Glasair 1 Serie

General information about the Glasair 1 series

The Glasair 1 is a high performance aircraft of the US manufacturer Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft and Glasair Aircraft. The prototype of the machine was built as a Traildagger. The aircraft is made entirely of fiberglass and had its maiden flight in 1979. Only one year later, the market entry of the machine followed. It was built a total of 807 copies. Tom Hamilton then founded the company Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft to produce the Glasair and market it.

Technical data for the Glasair 1 series

The Glasair 1 Series can accommodate a pilot and a passenger. The empty weight is 621 kilograms and the maximum takeoff weight is 998 kilograms. The tank covers 232 liters and has a range of 1,894 kilometers. The Glasair 1 has the following dimensions: - Length: 5.94 meters
- Height: 1.88 meters
- Span: 7.42 meters
- Wing area: 7.55 square meters
The machine is powered by a Lycoming IO-360 A1B engine with 150 kilowatts of power. The propeller is provided with wooden blades. The top speed is 418 kilometers per hour. The cruising speed, however, extends to 324 kilometers per hour. The speed of 418 kilometers per hour should never be exceeded. The maximal service ceiling is at 5,800 meters.

Products and services for the Glasair 1 series

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