Glasair 2 Serie

General information about the Glasair 2 series

The Glasair 2 is considered an amateur aircraft of the US company Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft. The machine was designed by founder Tom Hamilton and later used by Glasair Aviation for amateur construction. The first flight was completed in 1989. Currently it is still in production, whereby this is the status of 2012. There were built about 1,200 pieces. The Glasair 2 is a further development of the Glasair 1. It has a self-supporting low-wing aircraft and a closed cockpit. This has double doors. In addition, this model has fixed or retractable tricycle landing gear and an engine in tractor configuration. The aircraft, like its predecessor, is made of fiberglass. It was produced according to the FAR Part 23 standards. The Glasair 2 has different versions.

Technical data for the Glasair 2 series

The machine has capacities for a pilot and a passenger. The machine is 6.3 meters long and has a wingspan of 7.10 meters. The wing area is 7.55 square meters and the wings have mounting flaps. Empty, the machine has a weight of 635 kilograms and a maximum takeoff weight of 953 kilograms. The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming O-360 four-cylinder with an air-cooled four-stroke engine. The power is 130 kilowatts. The propellers are 2-bladed propellers at a constant speed. The cruising speed is 356 kilometers per hour.

Products and services for the Glasair 2 series

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