Glasair 3 Serie

General information about the Glasair 3 series

The Glasair 3 is a monoplane manufactured in the United States with a double control. The machine expands the series of amateur airplanes. Manufacturer of the machine is the company Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft. A total of 402 copies of the Glasair 3 were built. Especially is that the machine is an all-composite cantilever low-wing aircraft. It has a retractable landing gear and two double-control seats. The aircraft is considered an improved variant of the Glasair 2. If desired, the machine can be equipped with wing tip fuel tanks. In September 2017, the aircraft were purchased by Advanced Aero Components. Since then, the Glasair series is to be upgraded. The first renewals are expected to be launched in July 2018.

Technical data for the Glasair 3 series

There are two crew members in the plane. The empty weight is 703 kilograms and with a maximum takeoff weight of 1,089 the machine can fly. This is powered by a Lycoming IO-540-K1H5 engine with 224 kilowatts of power. The Glasair 3 is 6.50 meters long, 2.18 meters high and has a wingspan of 7.09 meters. The wing area covers 7.55 square meters. The top speed is 467 kilometers per hour, the cruising speed is reduced to 454 kilometers per hour. The tank is enough for a distance of 2,092 kilometers.

Products and services for the Glasair 3 series

In the event of an unexpected gust or a mishandling error, your machine may be damaged. For such a case, we are always there for you. We are happy to repair your machine and perform maintenance and servicing. In addition, we offer a variety of other services, such as hourly checks, weighings, or test flights. We are also happy to respond to your individual wishes regarding your Glasair 3. Talk to and gladly, we are always there for you!

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