Maule M-4

General information about the Maule M-4 series

The Maule M-4 is an American aircraft manufactured by Maule Aircraft. In 1960, the plane rose for the first time in the air, a year later, the market entry followed. In the period between 1963 and 1983, a total of 474 copies were built. The design was developed by Belford Maule. The prototype named Bee Dee flew in February 1957 for the first time. Belford Maule then founded the company Maule Aircraft Company. The Maule M-4 is a textile high-decker. The machine is characterized by a self-supporting tailplane with only one fin at the helm. It also has a fixed rear wheel suspension. The cabin is closed and has two consecutive rows with two seats each. The following version should be the Maule M-5. Other variants of the Maule M-4 series include the Maule M-4C Jetasen, which is equipped with a cargo door. From this version eleven pieces were built. The M-4-210 rocket is powered by a 210hp engine. From her 45 pieces were made.

Technical data for the Maule M-4 series

The Maule M-4 has space for one pilot and a maximum of three passengers. The machine is 6.71 meters long and has a wingspan of 9.07 meters. Furthermore, the empty weight is 581 kilograms and the maximum star weight affects 1043 kilograms. The Maule M-4 reaches a top speed of 288 kilometers per hour and has a range of 1,094 kilometers. The maximal service ceiling is 4,725 meters. The machine is powered by a 164-kilowatt Franklin 6A-350 engine.

Products and services for the Maule M-4 series

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