Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser

General information about the Super Cruiser

The Piper PA-12 is commonly referred to as the Super Cruiser. The model was designed and marketed by the American manufacturer Piper Aircraft Corporation. The first flight took place in December 1945, the market entry followed a year later. A total of 3,760 copies of the Super Cruiser were made. The machine is a single-engine light aircraft, which is also available as a seaplane. The Piper PA-12 is also used as a bush plane. In Germany, this model is rather rare, so well-preserved machines are much sought after. In the construction, the manufacturer based on the Piper J-5. This is the predecessor model, but has small visual changes. The trunk and wings are covered with fabric. The Super Cruiser achieved notoriety from 1947 at the latest, when two officers of the US Air Force circumnavigated the world in just four months with this model.

Technical data for the Super Cruiser

The machine can accommodate three people. These divide into a pilot and two passengers. The Super Cruiser has a length of 6.96 meters and is 2.08 meters high. The span is 10.81 meters. The model has a empty weight of only 480 kilograms and a maximum takeoff weight of 750 kilograms. The cruising speed is at 169 kilometers per hour and the range is 965 kilometers. The Piper PA-12 has a maximal service ceiling of 5,500 meters.

Products and Services for the Super Cruiser

With us you get all the services from a single source. Our team of experts knows their area perfectly, because the superlative is our benchmark. Therefore, we like to take over work, such as maintenance and repairs. Nevertheless, we also offer check flights for your Super Cruiser. Of course, we always make sure that your aircraft complies with the current laws and regulations of EASA. If repairs to your aircraft occur, we will gladly take care of this work. In addition, we will of course also on your special wishes!

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