Beechcraft 390

General information about the Beechcraft 390

The Beechcraft 390 is a twin-jet business jet from Hawker Beechcraft. The machine is mostly made of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin and aluminum. The first flight had the plane on 22 December 1998. The market entry followed then in 2001. Since then, the Beechcraft 390 is made. There are already more 260 pieces of the jet (as of the end of 2008). The machine is approved for a single pilot operation, but also has a dual control for a pilot and co-pilot. The interior of the aircraft is divided into two segments, the cockpit and the cabin. In the cockpit a pilot and a co-pilot's seat can be found. There are also operating boards, instruments and other equipment, such as oxygen masks. The passenger cabin also consists of seats, which have different configuration options. Furthermore, a toilet, luggage rack, as well as an entrance door and an emergency door. It can accommodate up to six passengers in the Beechcraft 390 space. The business jet is 14.02 meters long, has a span of 13.56 meters and a height of 4.67 meters. The wing area is 22.26 square meters. The maximum payload of the Beechcraft 390 is 635 kilograms, with the empty weight of the machine is 3,824 kilograms. The maximum takeoff weight is 5,670 kilograms and a maximum speed of 841 kilometers per hour can be achieved. The maximal service ceiling is calculated at 12,497 meters. The range is with maximum fuel at 2,519 kilometers, in addition, there is still a 45 minute reserve tank.

History and technical information about the Beechcraft 390

The Beechcraft 390 was developed as a rival to the popular Cessna. The approval was made on 23 March 2001 by the FAA. The machine is equipped with a fully integrated glass cockpit. Here, all important data, from maps and weather information, are displayed on three screens. The jet is equipped with a retractable, three-piece chassis. The main landing gear has an air-oil strut and retracts inwards into the central wing structure. Each of the three suspensions has brakes with an anti-lock device, which are independently powered. The fuel system of the Beechcraft 390 has a right and a left subsystem, which allows an exchange from one system to another. In addition, two pumps, along with electric reserve pumps belong to the engines.

Products and services for the Beechcraft 390

For the Beechcraft 390 we offer numerous services. Our experts are happy to wait and check your machine. In addition, we carry out annual inspections, hourly checks or avionics checks. Furthermore, we offer test flights. Our team also updates LTA / BZÜ, reviews the POH and IHP, and produces findings reports and documentation for you.

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