Beechcraft 76 Series

General information about Duchess

The Beechcraft 76 Series is commonly called Duchess. It is a two-piston aircraft powered by the United States. The manufacturer of the machine is the company Beechcraft. The first flight was the Duchess in September 1974, after which the market entry followed in 1978. In the period from 1977 to 1982, 437 pieces of the 76 Series were built. The development is based on the demand of the Beech Aero Center (training network of the manufacturer). These had the intention to be able to offer better maneuvering capabilities for engine failures and slow-flight characteristics. The testing was tedious, but on 24 May 1977 could finally rise the first production machine in the air. The type approval of the Federal Aviation Administration came on January 24, 1978. In the first year of serial production, 72 pieces of the Duchess have already been delivered. This number increased rapidly in 1979 to 213 and dropped in the following years again. In 1982, 11 pieces of the machine were delivered. A comparable aircraft is for example the Cessna 310.

Technical information about Duchess

The Duchess is designed as a full-metal low-wing aircraft with special sandwich construction on the fuselage and wings. In addition, the wings are built with a V-position at a 6.5 degree angle. The fin is swept and combined with a T-tail. Furthermore, the nose gear is hydraulically retractable and the long flaps are operated only electronically. The two four-cylinder boxer engines drive with 180 hp to the Hartzell propeller amplifier. Furthermore, fuel tanks with filler posts are located in the wing halves. These hold a total of 378 liters. The Duchess is designed for three passengers. The individual seats have adjustable backrests and in the rear area is a bench seat. The cabin is also equipped with a door on each side. The luggage compartment has a separate flap for easy loading and unloading. The machine is designed for a crew member and has a length of 8.84 meters. It is 2.89 meters high and has a span of 11.58 meters. The wing area covers 16.81 square meters with a wing extension of 7.973 meters. The payload is 381 kilograms and the empty weight of the Duchess is 1,116 kilograms. The maximum starting mass of the machine is 1,769 kg. Further technical data:

    Cruising speed: 293 kilometers per hour
    Top speed: 317 kilometers per hour
    Maximal service ceiling: 6,000 meters
    Range: 1,317 kilometers

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