Cessna 140 Series - Light Aircraft

General information about the Cessna 140

The Cessna 140 and the Cessna 120 are light aircraft of the American company Cessna. The machines were designed in the United States. The first flight of the Cessna 140 took place in 1945, after which the market entry followed in the same year. From 1945 to 1951, 7,664 pieces of the model were produced. These are divided into about 2,000 pieces of the Cessna 120 and over 5,000 pieces of the Cessna 140. Structurally, the Cessna 140 of the Cessna 120 is very similar. Both models are all-metal cabin decker, which have strung and fabric-covered wings. In addition, the models include a rigid tail wheel gear. The Cessna 140 and the Cessna 120 are master models of the single-engine Cessnas. The aim was to gain the spread of flying through a simple and inexpensive machine. The Cessna 140 is the more comfortable version of both machines. It has a long flap buoyancy aid and further, rear side windows. Furthermore, it is equipped with a complete electrical system. The 1946 presented Cessna 120 is also referred to as economy version of the Cessna 140. It has the same drive, but does not benefit from an electrical system, as well as rear side windows. A later retrofitting is still possible. The production of the Cessna 120 was discontinued in 1949 with the introduction of the Cessna 140A. The last model of the series is the Cessna 140A, which was produced from 1949 to 1951. They differ from the other two machines by a simple wing support. In addition, the wings are provided with aluminum and the maximum star weight has been increased. The successor model is the Cessna 150.

Technical data for the Cessna 140

The Cessna 140 is designed for two people, the pilot included. It is 6.55 meters long and 1.91 meters high. The machine has a span of 10.16 meters and the wing area is 14.80 square meters. The empty weight of the Cessna 140 is 404 kilograms and the maximum take-off mass is 658 kilograms. The tank covers 95 liters, with a range of 724 kilometers. The machine has a cruising speed of 169 kilometers per hour, with the top speed increasing to 201 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling is at 4,700 meters. The Cessna 140 is powered by a Continental C85 engine rated at 63 kilowatts.

Products and services for the Cessna 140

For the Cessna 140 we offer a variety of products. To prevent icing of the wings in bad weather or clouds we offer the TKS Anti Ice Panels. We also give your machine a new look with the paint job. The color not only contributes to a visual change, but also protects the aircraft against corrosion. In the field of avionics, we are installing the cockpit upgrade or the new 8.33 kHz radio upgrade. Of course, you can also benefit from our services. We are happy to carry out a maintenance or annual inspection. In addition, we repair your Cessna 140 if necessary. You get the entire service range from one source. We are also happy to special requests.

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