Cessna 172 Serie Skyhawk

General information about the Skyhawk

The Cessna 172 is commonly referred to as Skyhawk and is a single-engine light aircraft. The machine was designed by the US company Cessna. She had her first flight in November 1955. One year later she was admitted by the FAA. With more than 44,000 copies, the Skyhawk is the most-built aircraft in the world. It is based on the Cessna 170B and is a robust, four-seat light aircraft, which was built in the period from 1956 to 1986. Thereupon the production rested because of American product liability laws until 1997. Since then the production was resumed. The version Cessna 172RG Cutlass (RG stands for retractable gear) has a retractable landing gear and a variable pitch propeller. In addition, for the Skyhawk also offered a conversion for use as a seaplane. The Cessna 172 Series is used around the world as a training aircraft for pilot training. The machine offers low-speed flight characteristics and good maneuverability, as well as relatively low maintenance costs. That's why the machine is often referred to as a club airplane. Many flying schools and clubs use this model because of its good-natured entertainment and safety. But also for special tasks of various kinds, the Skyhawk is used. For example, for search and rescue flights, control flights or aerial photography flights. The first version of the Skyhawk was the Cessna 172. This has air-cooled six-cylinder engines and a maximum takeoff weight of 998 kilograms. By 1960, 4,195 of them were built by her. After that, the 172A model was introduced. This is characterized by filed tail and rudder. From this version 1,015 pieces were built. In 1963, the 172D was introduced. With a lowered fuselage and a large rear window further innovations were installed. There were 1,011 copies built. In 1980, the version 172RG Cutlass / Turbo Cutlass were introduced. This model has a retractable landing gear and has a more powerful engine. Originally, this was intended as a transitional model for the Cessna 182. By the end of 1985, 1,191 machines had been manufactured by her. The FR172J Reims Rocket has a six-cylinder engine with yet another power upgrade. This series was built only in France and adapted to the specific needs in Europe. In total, only 590 Rockets were produced by Reims. The current model is the Cessna 172S. This was presented in 1988 and is still produced today. Military users of the Cessna 172 series include:

- Chile

- Iraq

- Austria

- Pakistan

- Ireland

- Bolivia

- Honduras

Specifications for the Skyhawk

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk has space for one pilot and up to three passengers. It is 8.20 meters long and 2.86 meters high. The span is 10.97 meters with a wing area of 16.17 square meters. The empty weight of the machine is 779 kilograms and the maximum star weight is around 1,089 kilograms. The maximum takeoff weight is equal to the maximum landing weight. The Skyhawk has a cruising speed of 210 kilometers per hour and a top speed of 233 kilometers per hour. The rate of climb is 233 meters per minute. The Skyhawk has a maximal service ceiling of 4,115 meters and is thus within the recommended range of the BFU for flying without additional oxygen. It has a range of 1,130 kilometers and can stay in the air for about four to five hours with full tanks. The reserve is already included.

Products and services for the Skyhawk

For the Skyhawk we offer different products. We like to upgrade the avionics with the cockpit upgrade. We also offer the 8.33 kHz upgrade. For the outside of the machine we like to do the pain job. This protects your aircraft against corrosion and gives your machine a new look. In addition, we are building the TKS Anti Ice Panels. Of course, we also have a wide range of services for you. We are happy to wait for your machine or carry out a maintenance. In addition, we respond to special requests, talk to and simply for this. Throughout the process of installing new products through to our services, we make every effort to comply with EASA or FAA rules and regulations. True to the motto: Fly Legal!

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