Cessna 177 Serie Cardinal

General information about Cardinal

The Cessna 177 is a light aircraft of the same name, US company Cessna. In general parlance, the machine is also referred to as a caravan. It was manufactured in the United States and had its maiden flight in 1967. The market entry followed in 1968. In the period from 1968 to 1978, 4,295 pieces of this model were manufactured. The single-engine shoulder decker is not a development, but a clean sheet design, which is based on a new airframe. The machine has a pendulum elevator, a strongly filed vertical stabilizer and a flat windshield. In addition, the Cardinal has a wing with laminar profile. However, this could not prevail against the Cessna 172. Due to the high production costs and a weak engine, it was not possible to create a serious competition model. Nevertheless, the Cardinal was steadily improved and subsequent versions developed. For example, the Cessna 177A and 177B have a fixed chassis and a more powerful engine than the standard version. 1970, a variable pitch propeller and another wing profile was used in the 177B. From 1971, the version 177RG was presented, which has a retractable landing gear. This model also has a more powerful engine and a constant-speed propeller.

Specifications of the Cardinal

The following data refers to the Cessna 177B version. The machine can accommodate one to two crew members and two to three passengers. It is 8.44 meters long and 2.62 meters high. The span is 10.82 meters and the wing area is 16.20 square meters. The Cardinal has a empty weight of 680 kilograms and a full tank a payload of 280 kilograms. The maximum take-off mass is 1,100 kilograms. The fuel capacity is 198 liters. The caravan has a cruising speed of 230 kilometers per hour and a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The rate of climb is 4.27 meters per second. The machine has a maximal service ceiling of 4,450 meters and the tank has a range of 1,120 kilometers. The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming O-360-A1F6D engine.

Products and services for the Cardinal

For the Cessna 177 Cardinal we offer the TKS Anti Ice Panels and the Paint Job. We also like to add the cockpit upgrade and the 8.33 kHz upgrade to your caravan. These are just examples of our services for your aircraft. We are happy to wait for your machine in full. For all services and products, we make sure that the laws and regulations of EASA or FAA are complied with. In addition, you get the entire service range from one source. Our experts are also pilots themselves and can understand your requirements from their own experience.

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