Cessna 182 Serie Skylane

General information about the Skylane

The Skylane is a single-engine light aircraft of the American company Cessna. The aircraft had its maiden flight in 1956, after which the FAA's market entry followed in the same year. From 1956 to 1985, 21,864 pieces of this model were produced. In 1996, the paused series production was resumed. The Skylane is one of the most-built aircraft in the world. The machine has a shouldered decker and a motor. The aircraft is made entirely of metal and has a rudder, as well as a filed form. It also has a variable pitch propeller and a nose wheel landing gear. The retractable gear versions also have a retractable landing gear. On request, the aircraft can be fitted directly with a Garmin G1000 series glass cockpit. This bonuses is available since 2005. The machine is used around the world as a sports, travel, training and surveillance aircraft. In addition, the Skylane is often used by parachutists. In 1957, the version 182A was introduced, which was allowed to bear the name Skylane for the first time. Cessna gave the production to Argentiniern, where the machine was called A182. In addition, the model was also produced in France, where it was given the name F182. The model was built in different variants, but had to stop production in 1985 due to strict regulations. In 1996, another authorization procedure was completed. This was successful and from 1996 the production of Skylane was resumed.

Military users include:

- Afghanistan

- Austria

- Dubai

- Argentina

- Chile

- Canada

- Mexico

- Iran

- Israel

Technical data for the Skylane

The skylane can accommodate one pilot and up to three passengers. It is 8.84 meters long and 2.84 meters high. The span is 10.97 meters with a wing area of 16.2 square meters. The empty weight of the machine is 900 kilograms and the maximum straw mass is 1,406 kilograms. The train load of the machine touches at 506 kg. The Skylane has a cruising speed of 268 kilometers per hour and a top speed of 278 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling of the machine is 5,517 meters and the range is 1,717 kilometers. The Skylane is powered by a Continental O-470-L engine with 172 kilowatts of power.

Products and services for the Skylane

With us you get the entire service range from a single source. We also make sure that the laws and regulations of EASA are complied with. For the exterior of the Skylane, we offer, among other things, the TKS Ani Ice Panels and the Paint Job. We like to enhance the interior with the new 8.33 kHz radio upgrade or the cockpit upgrade. We are happy to maintain your Skylane and realize individual wishes.

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