Cessna 185 Series - Skywagon

General information about Skywagon

Behind the US light aircraft called Skywagon, hides the Cessna 185 series. This model had its first flight in 1961, in the same year was still approved by the FAA. More than 4,400 units of the Skywagon have already been built. The Cessna 185 series is an evolution of the Cessna 180. Innovations include the reinforced hull structure and a larger fin. Furthermore, the Skywagon has a stronger engine. The name Skywagon was later also used for the Cessna 207. The Cessna 185 series was designed with a non-retractable tail gear and a piston aircraft engine. The propeller adjustable and the general flight characteristics apply to the machine as good natured. The version can be easily rebuilt and thus used for skydiving. Militarily, the model is also used by many countries. These are for example Greece, Costa Rica, South Africa, Turkey, Peru, or Thailand.

Technical data for the Skywagon

The Cessna 185 has room for a pilot in the cockpit. The cabin has room to carry up to five passengers. The Skywagon is 7.85 meters long and 2.36 meters high. It has a wing span of 10.92 meters and a wing area of 16.17 square meters. The aircraft model is powered by an engine of the type Continental Motors IO-520-D with 224 kilowatts of power. At sea level, the maximum speed is 287 kilometers per hour. The range amounts to 1,061 kilometers. The Skywagon has a empty weight of 725 kilograms and a maximum take-off and take-off mass of 1,520 kilograms. The maximal service ceiling is at 5,230 meters.

Products and services for Skywagon

For the Cessna 100 series we offer a variety of selected products for you. We are happy to integrate the TKS Anti Ice Panels into your machine. The big advantage of this product is that it can be flown in clouds or in bad weather and cold, without having to let the wings freeze. Furthermore, we are going to add the cockpit upgrade or the 8.33 kHz upgrade to your avionics. The paint job is also an interesting product. It not only changes the machine externally, but also protects it from corrosion. Of course, you are also welcome to use our services. We are happy to wait for your machine or carry out test flights. In addition, we also go to special requests in, talk to and easy. For all changes and reviews, we make sure that the laws of EASA are strictly adhered to.

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