Cessna 335 / Cessna 340 Series

General information about the Cessna 335 and Cessna 340

The Cessna 335 and the Cessna 340 are twin-engine business aircraft from the US manufacturer Cessna. The first flight was completed in about 1970. The market entry followed a year later in 1971. The production time amounts to from 1970 to 1984. In this time 1,363 copies of the two machines were built. The Cessna 335 differs slightly from the Cessna 340. This has in contrast to its predecessor a pressurized cabin. The Cessna 340 is based on the Cessna 310. The wings and the chassis of the machine are based on the Cessna 414. After 340 built machines, the production was stopped and the Cessna 340A came on the aircraft market. 1977 was then begun with the development of the Cessna 335 without a pressurized cabin. This was the first time on 5 December 1978 flown. In 1984, the production of both machines was discontinued.
The Cessna 340 was designed as a full-metal low-wing aircraft. The nosewheel suspension is electrically retractable. Likewise, the flaps are electric and the brakes on the main landing gear are hydraulic. The cabin has adjustable individual seats for the passengers. The fuselage bow has separate flaps, which makes loading and unloading easier.

Technical data for the Cessna 335 and Cessna 340

The Cessna 335 is powered by two TSIO 520-EB engines, each with 224 kilowatts of power. The machine is about 80 kilograms lighter than the Cessna 340A. The successor version, the Cessna 335 II also has extensive equipment for instrument flights. Rolling and landing lights, as well as flashing lights as a collision warning light and a connection for an external power supply are also included. The remaining technical data of the Cessna 335 are based on the following information on the Cessna 340. The Cessna 340 is designed for one to two pilots and a maximum of five passengers. It is 10.46 meters long and 3.83 meters high. The wingspan is 11.62 meters, with a wing area of 17.16 square meters. The cabin is 3.86 meters long, 1.18 meters wide and 1.24 meters high. With full tanks, the payload of the Cessna 340 is 274 kilograms. The machine has a empty weight of 1,879 kilograms and the maximum takeoff mass is 2,717 kilograms. The cruising speed is at 367 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed is 433 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling is 9,085 meters high and the range with 274 kilograms payload is 1,827 kilometers. The Cessna 340 is powered by two Continental TSIO-520-NB boxer engines with a gross output of 231 kilowatts.

Products and services for the Cessna 335 and Cessna 340

We are happy to wait for your Cessna 335 or your Cessna 340. We also carry out annual inspections, as well as hourly checks and weighings. You will receive all services from one source. Furthermore, we make sure that your machine complies with the current laws of EASA. Of course, we can understand the desire for your own handwriting on your machine well. That is why we also individually address your wishes, in line with the motto: you wish, we advise and implement them. Talk to us, we look forward to seeing you!

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