Cessna 336 / Cessna 337 Series

General information about the Skymaster

The Cessna 336 is commonly referred to as the Skymaster. The Cessna 337, however, is called Super Skymaster. Both machines are from the US manufacturer Cessna. The twin-engine light aircraft had their first flight on 28 February 1961. Two years later, the market entry followed. Between 1963 and 1982, 2,993 pieces of the Skymaster and the Super Skymaster were built. Because of today's emissions regulations, the Skymaster in Germany can only be used with restrictions. Cessna chose a rather unconventional design for the Skymaster, the central thrust system. The hull was built as a gondola and at the bow is an engine with a pressure propeller. A great advantage of this arrangement is that in case of failure of the engines, the machine has no yawing about the fuselage axis. The hull is soundproof and constructed in an all-metal half-shell construction. The tail is a double track, which is located at the ends of the boom. The side flaps of the wings are electric. The Skymaster also has a retractable landing gear and hydraulic side brakes.

The Super Skymaster was introduced in 1965. The machine has on the one hand larger dimensions, as well as stronger engines and a retractable landing gear. At the rear engine is another air intake, which should prevent overheating of the engine. Later models of the Super Skymaster are also equipped with a pressurized cabin. There are different variants of both models, also for military use. Military users include: South Africa, Mexico, Iran, Indonesia, Sweden, Togo, Belgium, Chile and many more countries. Later in the Cessna 337 was also referred to as Skymaster.

Technical data for the Skymaster

The Skymaster is 9.07 meters long and 2.79 meters high. The wings have a wingspan of 11.62 meters and the wing area is 18.81 square meters. At sea level, the maximum speed is 332 kilometers per hour. At 1,675 meters, the cruising speed is 315 kilometers per hour. A pilot and a maximum of five passengers can be carried. At an altitude of 3,050 meters, the range of the Skymaster is 2,288 kilometers. The empty weight is 1,264 kilograms and the maximum takeoff weight is 2,100 kilograms. The maximal service ceiling touches at 5,485 meters. The Skymaster is powered by two Continental IO-360-GB engines with 157 kilowatts each.

Products and services for the Skymaster

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