Cessna 401/402

General information about the Cessna 401/402

The Cessna 401 and the Cessna 402 are two nearly identical light aircraft of the American aircraft manufacturer Cessna. Until mid-1972, the Cessna 401 was used as a business jet. The 1982 produced Cessna 402 was initially offered for the feeder and freight traffic. At the end of 1971 both models were united. The first flight took place on August 26, 1965. In the same year followed by the market entry by the FAA. There were 1,936 pieces produced. Both machines have no pressurized cabins. The Cessna 401 is a lighter, as well as weaker motorized variant of the Cessna 411. The engine has been dispensed with reduction gear. This lowers the maintenance cost of the machine. The machine has six seats and four small, oval windows. In 1968 the 401A was introduced, in 1969 the 401B. In 1971, the Cessna 401 was replaced by the Cessna 402. The aircraft is mainly used as a passenger and cargo aircraft. The 402A has a longer nose and five windows. The production of the machines ended in 1985. 401 copies of the Cessna 401 and 1,535 copies of the Cessna 402 were delivered.

The machines were developed in the deep-decker design and have two engines. Engine nacelles are attached to a cantilevered wing. The nose wheel gear is electrically operated and has two hydraulically operated disc brakes. The ailerons are made entirely of metal. In the left aileron a trim surface can be found. Likewise, the hull is made entirely of metal. The Cessna 402 is used on short routes as a feeder between small towns and air hubs. Militarily, the machine is used among others by Finland, Comoros, Mexico, Paraguay, or Sweden.

Technical data for the Cessna 401/402

The following specifications refer to the Cessna 402C. The crew may consist of a pilot and a co-pilot. The pilots sit side by side in the cockpit. A maximum of nine passengers can be carried, if necessary, a tenth seat can be installed. Each of the nine passengers has an oxygen mask and a reading lamp. The machine is 3.49 meters high and 11.90 meters long. The wing area is 21.0 square meters, with a span of 13.45 meters. The empty weight is 1,845 kilograms. The takeoff weight increases to 3,107 kilograms. The machine can reach a top speed of 428 kilometers per hour. The range of the Cessna 402 is 2,360 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is 8,200 meters. The aircraft is powered by two Continental TSIO 520 VB piston engines, each with 242 kilowatts of power.

Products and services for the Cessna 401/402

For the Cessna 400 series we offer the Leica Camera System, as well as the RAM upgrade. You can also benefit from our variety of services. We are happy to wait for your Cessna 401 or Cessna 402. We also carry out test flights or do avionics checks. Of course, it can always happen that an unexpected gust, or something else damages your plane. We are happy to repair any damage, or to meet your individual needs. For all services, we make sure that your machine meets the requirements of EASA.

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