Cessna 404

General information about the Cessna 404

The Cessna 404 is a passenger, business and cargo aircraft. The ten-seat machine was manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company. The aircraft is designed in the United States and is generally referred to as a light aircraft. In the period from 1976 to 1982 378 pieces were produced by the machine. The first flight had the prototype of the Cessna 404 on February 26, 1975, in the same year was also the market entry. The passenger plane can accommodate up to 10 people, while the crew of one to two people is still added. The Cessna 404 is 12.05 meters long and has a height of 4.04 meters. The aircraft has a wingspan of 14.12 meters, and a wing area of 22.58 square meters. The payload amounts to 1,623 kilograms and the empty weight of the Cessna 404 takes up 2,179 kilograms. The machine has a maximum mass of 3,802 kilograms. The cruising speed is 370 kilometers per hour, with a maximum speed of 402 kilometers per hour can be achieved. The average range of the Cessna 404 is 2,962 kilometers. At 7,925 meters, the maximal service ceiling of the aircraft amounts.

The story of Cessna 404

The Cessna 404 was developed as a stretched version of the Cessna 402B. The new machine is 91 centimeters longer than the previous version. After successful prototype the further production began, from which the delivery resulted from October 1976. A striking feature of the Cessna 404 is the new vertical stabilizer with positive V-position. The machine is powered by two turbocharged GTSIO-520-M engines. This is considered a solid and all-round engine. Also militarily the Cessna 404 was used. The Swedish Air Force used three Cessna 404 series aircraft between 1982 and 1989. These were given the designation TP 87 and received not only military, but also civilian license plates. The Cessna 404 served the Swedish Air Force on the one hand for transport and on the other for reconnaissance purposes. Overall, the aircraft were deployed in four different squadrons. But this version was also used by other countries. Other military users include:

    - Bolivia
    - Mexico
    - United States (specifically United States Navy)
    - Hong Kong

Products and services for the Cessna 404

The Cessna 404 has versatile equipment options. On the one hand, it is possible to equip the machine with the Leica Camera System. This can be used to make high-resolution images and the flight becomes an exciting experience that you still want to remember. We also like to install the RAM upgrade in your aircraft. These products are offered for the entire Cessna 404 series.

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