Cessna 421 Serie

General information about the Golden Eagle

The Cessna 421 is commonly referred to as the Golden Eagle. The machine was designed and produced by the American company Cessna. She had her maiden flight in October 1965. Already in the same year the machine was approved by the FAA. There were 1,901 copies of the Golden Eagle produced. The model has a pressurized cabin and is based on its predecessor, the Cessna 411. Since 1969, there is the improved version, the Cessna 421A. In 1975, the production of the 421B began, which benefits from a wider span and better performance. The 1975 presented 421C has new wings and other tanks. Five years later, the model was produced with revised suspension. In 1985, production ceased as product liability in the United States changed. Since then, the Cessna 421 is equipped with turboprop drive and is similar to the Cessna 425. Today, the Golden Eagle is still often in use and can achieve high prices in the used aircraft market. Furthermore, the model is used militarily. User countries include the Ivory Coast, New Zealand with the Royal New Zealand Air Force, Pakistan, Turkey or Sri Lanka.

Technical data for the Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle accommodates a maximum of two crew members and six to eight passengers. The machine is 11.09 meters long and 3.49 meters high. It has a wingspan of 12.53 meters and a wing area of 19.88 square meters. The empty weight is 2,132 kilograms and the maximum take-off mass is 3,382 kilograms. The Golden Eagle achieves a top speed of 444 kilometers per hour with a cruising speed of 420 kilometers per hour. Here, the model has 65 percent power at a medium load. The tank has a range of 2,755 kilometers at an economic cruising speed of 7,620 meters with 713 kilograms of fuel. The maximal service ceiling is 9,205 meters. In a single-engine Golden Eagle, however, this decreases to 4,540 meters. The aircraft is powered by two Continental GTSIO-520-L engines, each with a power of 280 kilowatts.

Products and services for the Golden Eagle

For the Golden Eagle, we offer the RAM upgrade in the PowerPlant area. We also integrate the Leica Camera System into your avionics, which can take high-resolution pictures of your flight. Of course, you can also take advantage of our other services. We are happy to wait for your machine or carry out a maintenance. We also offer avionics reviews or compression controls. Our experts are passionate pilots themselves and know their way around every problem. Of course, we also respond to special requests, talk and just! For all changes and controls, we pay close attention to EASA regulations.

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