Cessna Model 188

General information about the Cessna 188

The Cessna 188 is a single-engine spur-wheeled aircraft of the American company Cessna. The model was designed specifically for agricultural use and had its maiden flight on February 19, 1965. In the period between 1966 and 1983, 3,967 pieces of the Cessna 188 were produced. To distribute both solid and liquid substances for pest control or fertilization, the aircraft was built. The model has different variants. The Cessna 188AGpickup was delivered in 1966 and has a tank with 750 liters, and a 170 kilowatt engine. By 1976, 53 copies were built. The A 188AGwagon was manufactured from 1972 with 1,589 pieces until 1981. The A188B AGtruck was introduced in 1972 and has a 1,000 liter spray container. The T188C AGhusky was introduced in 1979 on the aircraft market. The machine has a 20 cm extended hull and also a 1,000 liter spray container. In 1983, the production of the series was discontinued. Nevertheless, the machine is still used today, because of its robustness, in many countries.

Technical data for the Cessna 188

The Cessna 188 can carry a pilot and not a passenger. It has been designed exclusively as a commercial aircraft and has a length of 8.00 meters. The 2.44 meter high machine has a wingspan of 12.41 meters and a wing area of 18.77 square meters. Without spraying the Cessna 188 has a empty weight of 906 kilograms. With sprayer this value increases to 987 kilograms. The maximum straw mass is 1,496 kilograms and at sea level the maximum speed is 243 kilometers per hour. With a 45-minute reserve tank and 45 percent power, the machine has a range of 595 kilometers. The maximal service ceiling is 4,785 meters. The engines and, consequently, the performance of the machine varies depending on the specific model.

Products and services for the Cessna 188

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