Diamond DA40 Star

General information about the Diamond DA40 Star

The Diamond DA40 Star is a light aircraft of the Austrian company Diamond Aircraft. The first flight had the machine on 5 November 1997. Since 2000, the model is produced. It mainly consists of fiber-reinforced plastic and is therefore also known for its economy. For this reason, the Star is gladly used for training purposes, as well as for the training of private and professional pilots. The machine is available in your standard equipment, but also with built-in Garmin G1000 glass cockpit. Depending on the equipment, the Diamond DA40 is also used or approved for visual, night or instrument flight. The engine can be filled with normal diesel fuel, but also with kerosene. Here, the mixing ratio can be neglected. On April 8, 2010, the new version, the Diamond DA40 NG, was introduced. This has a better engine type AE300. The DA40 XL is a luxury version, which is based on the standards of the Star, but has a fixed pitch propeller.

Technical data for the Diamond DA40 Star

The Diamond DA40 Star offers space for three passengers and one pilot. It has a height of 1.97 meters and a length of 8.01 meters. Its span is 11.94 meters with a wing area of 13.54 square meters. The maximum take-off weight is equal to the maximum landing weight of 1,150 kilograms. The empty weight is 780 kilograms. The maximal service ceiling is 5,000 meters. The standard tank can hold 113.6 liters and long range tank capacity is 155.2 liters. With a full tank of fuel, the machine has a range of 2,006 kilometers.

Products and services for the Diamond DA40 Star

Our core business is maintenance and servicing. Nevertheless, we offer you the entire service range from a single source. Our experts are avid pilots themselves and already knowledgeable about this industry. We are also happy to special requests, because the desire for individualization we can understand. Whenever you work on your Diamond DA40 Star, we make every effort to ensure that it complies with EASA's laws and regulations.

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