Diamond DA42 Twin Star

General information about the Diamond DA42 Twin Star

The Diamond DA42 is also known as the Twin Star. It was designed in Austria by the company Diamond Aircraft and had its maiden flight on 9 December 2002. The market entry followed two years later, in 2004. Since then, this model is in mass production. The aircraft was developed from the Diamond DA40 Star and brought to the aircraft market after two and a half years of development. A special feature of the Twin Star is the complete equipment for the instrument flight. Optionally, the machine can also be purchased with an aircraft deicing. This de-icing fluid makes the machine suitable for all weather conditions, as it can be flown at high altitudes and in clouds. The high aerodynamic quality and two engines also equip the Twin Star. The newer models of the Diamond DA42 are also available with more powerful engines. Furthermore, the model is equipped with a Garmin 1000 glass cockpit and built of carbon composite. Other models include the DA42 M, which was manufactured for special monitoring applications. Furthermore, the model Diamond DA42 L360, which is designed specifically for the American aircraft market. Other models are the DA42 NG, DA42 MPP, Aurora Centaur and Dominator II. The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is also used by the Royal Thai Air Force and the Jamaica Defense Force Air Wing.

Technical data for the Diamond DA42 Twin Star

The Diamond DA42 Twin Star can accommodate one pilot and up to three passengers. It is powered by two Thielert Centurion 1.7 piston engines, each with a capacity of 101 kilowatts. The Twin Star has a speed of 359 kilometers per hour and can fly up to 2,222 kilometers without stopping. The maximal service ceiling is 5,486 meters. The model has a empty weight of 1,260 kilograms and a maximum takeoff weight of 1,785 kilograms. The machine is 2.49 meters high and 8.56 meters long. The span is 13.42 meters, with a wing area of 16.5 square meters.

Products and services for the Diamond DA42 Twin Star

With a separate machine, the desire for individuality and a personal touch is understandable. Therefore, we are happy to special requests. Of course, we are also waiting for your Diamond DA42. As we ourselves are passionate pilots, we know that an unexpected blast or a Bird Strike can damage a machine. We are happy to repair your Twin Star. Of course, we make sure that the laws and rules of EASA are strictly adhered to, according to our motto: Fly Legal!

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