Extra 300 Series

General information about the Extra 300 series

The Extra 300 is a sports and aerobatic aircraft of the German manufacturer Extra Aircraft. The machine was developed by the aerobatics pilot Walter Extra to meet the standards of aerobatics. The model is still one of the few that is competitive in the Unlimited category. The first flight was completed on May 6, 1988, the market entry followed in 1991. Since the 1988 conception, a variety of other variants have been presented. Contrary to Extra's predecessors, this aircraft is made of fiber composite materials rather than wood. The former version was built as a two-seat mid-decker with zero degree adjustment angle. Because of a symmetrical wing profile, the Extra 300 has a neutral flight behavior not only in normal position, but also in supine position. The company worked with Siemens on the Extra 300LE. These developed the electric drive. Other variants include the Extra 300S, the ExtraSC, or the Extra 300SR. This last variant was specially developed for the Red Bull Air Race.

Technical data for the Extra 300 series

The Extra 300 has a wooden and stainless steel propeller measuring two meters in diameter. The machine is powered by a Lycoming AEIO-540-L engines with 224 kilowatts of power. It is also 6.65 meters long and 2.62 meters high. The span is 7.50 meters and the wing area is 10.45 square meters. The Extra 300 has a empty weight of 653 kilograms and can have a maximum take-off weight of 920 kilograms. The top speed of the machine touches at 407 kilometers per hour and the cruising speed is reduced to 314 kilometers per hour. Nevertheless, a minimum speed of 118 kilometers per hour must be maintained. The climb rate is 16 meters per second and the range is 850 kilometers. The maximal service ceiling is 4,877 meters.

Products and Services for the Extra 300 Series

For the Extra 300 we offer a variety of services. For us the best is just good enough. That's why you get all our services from a single source. Our experts are also passionate pilots. Therefore, these problems are known from both viewpoints. We are happy to wait for your extra 300, or carry out test flights. We also do weighings or hourly checks. Of course we also repair your machine. Furthermore, we are happy to respond to your individual needs. We look forward to you!

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