Maule M-5 / M-6 Series

General information about the Maule M-5 series

The Maule M-5 series is the successor of the M-4 series and was designed and marketed by the American company Maule Aircraft. This machine is a cabin roofer, which completed its maiden flight in 1971. The market entry followed three years later, 1974. Between 1974 and 1983, more than 855 pieces of the Maule M-5 were built. Unlike its predecessor, this machine benefits from improved STOL performance, as well as larger flap areas and rear surfaces. The M-5 series is a tubular steel and textile high-decker. The aircraft has a fixed rear wheel chassis, as well as a closed cabin. At the start of production, the machines were also referred to as Strata Rocket and Lunar Rocket. The series has several variants, for example the M-5-200 with a 200 hp engine.

Technical data for the Maule M-5 series

The following data refer to the Maule M-5-235C. This offers space for one pilot and up to three passengers. It has a wing area of 14.67 square meters and a span of 9.40 meters. The machine is 7.16 meters long and 1.89 meters high. The maximum takeoff weight is at 1,043 kilograms and the empty weight is 635 kilograms. The Maule M-5 can reach a top speed of 277 kilometers per hour. It has a range of 885 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is 6,096 meters. The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming O-540-J1A5D six-cylinder engines with 175 kilowatts of power.

Products and services for the Maule M-5 series

In order to give your own handwriting your own handwriting, some wishes are usually open. Therefore, we are happy to respond to your individual needs and allow you the machine that is according to your ideas. If your Maule M-5 has been damaged, we will repair this damage. Of course, our services also offer services such as maintenance, weighing, test flights, hourly checks and much more. We are gladly there for you and look forward to your visit with us!

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