Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six

General information about the Cherokee Six

Cherokee Six is the nickname for the Piper PA-32 series. The machine was manufactured in the United States by the company Piper Aircraft Corporation. This model is a single-engine light aircraft, which had its first flight on 6 December 1963. 1965 followed the market entry. The production time is from 1963 to 2007. During this time more than 7,800 pieces were built. The Cherokee Six is used as a cruise aircraft, but also by air taxi companies. There are different versions of the model. These are for example:
- PA-32-260 Cherokee Six
- PA-32-260 Cherokee Six B
- PA-32-260 Cherokee Six C
- PA-32-260 Cherokee Six D
- PA-32-260 Cherokee Six E
- PA-32-300 Cherokee Six

Specifications for the Cherokee Six

The machine is powered by a type Lycoming IO-540-K1G5 piston engine with 224 kW power. A crew member and up to six passengers can be accommodated in the machine. It has a speed of 270 kilometers per hour and a maximal service ceiling of 4,953 meters. The range is 1,361 kilometers. The Cherokee Six has an empty weight of 812 kilograms and a maximum takeoff weight of 1,542 kilograms. The span is 10.0 meters and the wing area is 16.20 square meters. The aircraft is 8.44 meters long and 2.41 meters high.

Products and services for the Cherokee Six

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