Piper PA-38 Tomahawk

General information about the Tomahawk

The Piper PA-38 is also called Tomahawk. The machine was designed by the US company Piper Aircraft Corporation and brought to the aircraft market. The market entry took place in 1977, the production time amounts from 1977 to 1982. In these five years 2,484 pieces of the Tomahawk were manufactured. The aircraft has been manufactured as a full metal aircraft with nose wheel landing gear. It also benefits from a T-tail and wings in low-wing arrangement. Before starting construction, the company asked flight instructors for the perfect training aircraft. As training aircraft were previously known only the Cessna 150 and 152. To learn about spinning, the Tomahawk was written in the specifications. As long as the requirements of the logbook are met, the Piper PA-38 is a good-natured machine. If these are exceeded, it can lead to significant turbulence. The cockpit is considered very spacious and the Tomahawk is economical in its entertainment.

Technical data for the Tomahawk

The trainer aircraft can accommodate a pilot and a crew member or co-pilot. It is 7.04 meters long and 2.77 meters high. In addition, it has a wingspan of 10.36 meters, and a wing area of 11.60 square meters. The empty weight of the Tomahawk is 512 kilograms, but the machine has a maximum takeoff weight of 758 kilograms. The top speed touches at 255 kilometers per hour and the maximal service ceiling is at 4,000 meters altitude. The aircraft has a range of 867 kilometers and a climb rate of 219 meters per minute. The Tomahawk is powered by a four-cylinder boxer engine of the type Avco Lycoming O-235-L2A with 85 kilowatts of power.

Products and services for the Tomahawk

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