Piper PA-44 Seminole

General information about Seminole

The Piper PA-44, better known as Seminole, is a light aircraft of the US company Piper Aircraft Corporation. The machine had both its maiden flight and its market entry in 1978. Since 1978 the model is produced. Mainly the machine is used as a training and cruising aircraft. The Seminole is an evolution of the Piper PA-28. The propellers rotate in opposite directions, which compensates for the torque of the engines. In 1979, another variant of the Seminole, the Turbo Seminole, came on the market. In addition to another engine, the machine also has performance improvements. In addition, gross and landing weight are increased. The Seminole has a T-tail and is similar to the Beechcraft Duchess. Militarily, the model is used by Jordan.

Technical data for the Seminole

The model is designed for one pilot and a maximum of three passengers. The length is 8.41 meters and the height is 2.59 meters. In addition, the aircraft has a wingspan of 11.77 meters and a wing area of 17.10 square meters. The empty weight is 1,070 kilograms, with the maximum takeoff mass 1,723 kilograms. The Seminole has a cruising speed of 287 kilometers per hour, with this value increasing to 374 kilometers per hour for top speed. The tank has a range of 1,630 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling touches at 5,213 meters. For a single-engine, this reduces to 1,158 meters. The Piper PA-44 is powered by two direct drives of the type O-360-A1H6, each with a power of 134 kilowatts.

Products and services for the Seminole

With a private aircraft, the confidence in the service provider for maintenance or the like must be great. That's why you get all services from one source. We have an equally deep passion for aviation and want to share that with you. We will gladly carry out a maintenance at your Seminole. We also carry out weighings, as well as test flights and much more. Of course, we also respond to your individual wishes, talk to you and gladly!

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