Socata TBM 900

General information about the Socata TBM 900

The Socata TBM 900 is a single engine turboprop aircraft. The machine was manufactured by the French company Socata, which is now known as Daher. Developed from its predecessor TBM700 and TBM 850, the TBM 900 is the fastest six-seater turboprop aircraft. The TBM 900 has some similarities to its predecessors. Characteristics are, for example, the hull shape, the retractable landing gear, as well as the pressure cabin and the weather radar on the left wing. In 2010, the development of the predecessor models began. Especially in avionics some changes have been made. The new Garmin G1000 has been installed and the machine benefits from a higher range. This is achieved through the aerodynamics and an air intake for the engine. In addition, a five-blade propeller is part of the aircraft. Socata says the TBM 900 requires more than 160,000 development hours and more than 200 flight hours to accredit and develop. After the approval of the machine, the production of the predecessor was discontinued. Since 2014, the machine is produced.

Technical information about the TBM 900

The TBM 900 has the following personal capacities:

    Crew: 1 person
    Passengers: 5 people

In addition, the machine is 10.736 meters long and has a span of 12.833 meters. The height is 4.355 meters and the wing area is 18 square meters. The aircraft has a empty weight of 2,097 kilograms and a payload of 639 kilograms. The maximum take-off mass is 3,354 kilograms. The TBM 900 has a cruising speed of 589 kilometers per hour with a top speed of 611 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling is 9,450 meters and the tank has a range of 3,304 kilometers.

Products and services for the Socata TBM 900

Of course, we offer general services for the machine, which include maintenance and service. In addition, more products are being advertised specifically for the Socata TBM 900. To protect the exterior of the machine, the paint job is offered by us. This not only increases the recognition value, but the exterior of the machine is protected against corrosion. For easier boarding, we offer the personalized entry sills. In order to increase the feel-good atmosphere, we also like to install floor heating in your TBM 900. The pilot also benefits from the products. For example, we offer the cockpit upgrade, as well as the ADSB upgrade. Furthermore, we like to build the radio with the 8.33 kHz upgrade in your aircraft.

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